Have your business be seen by hundreds of people by placing an Ad in the Tewksbury Community of Artists Annual Art Show Program Book.

Have your business advertised in the Annual Art Show Program
Book, for just a $20 donation for a 1/2 page ad or $40 for a
full page ad. The Friends of the Tewksbury Community of Artists
will design your ad and place it in the Program Book used at
the Art Show. Send your business card and any other information
you’d like to appear in the ad and it will be included.

Congratulate or support an artist with two or three lines of text (maximum of 50 characters) designed by the Friends of Tewksbury Community of Artists for just a $5 donation.

Congratulate or support an artist by sending text (maximum of 50 characters) along with $5 and it will be designed to appear in the Art Show program book.

Please make checks payable to Tewksbury Community of
Artists and mail to P.O. Box 385, Tewksbury, MA 01876.
Thank you for your support!