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Biography of Anthony Coviello

Website: http://anthony-coviello.artistwebsites.com/

Anthony Coviello has created art in oils, acrylics, pastels, and pen and ink. He began his devotion to art with pen and ink artwork for his Tewksbury High School yearbook. Although he was voted Most Talented in high school, he did not attend art school, but went on to graduate in Structural Design and Architecture at the Franklin Institute of Technology and General Management at the University of Southern New Hampshire. Although his vocation was involved in civil engineering, architecture, and electro-mechanical, his avocation and first love has always been art. For his art studies, he attended Butera School of Art and various private instructors.

Anthony uses drawings and/or photographs to develop the composition of the artwork and then modifies it to comply with his vision. He produces artwork for private patrons and generated pen and ink artwork of historic buildings for Tewksbury's 250th Anniversary. He was chairman of the now defunct Tewksbury Art Guild and is a member of the Tewksbury Community of Artists.

Anthony was born in Boston and raised in both Boston and Tewksbury. He is an Army veteran and has worked with many firms that are too numerous to list. He has three sons, one daughter, and six grandchildren. He retired in 2005 and can now spend more time on his avocation.

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